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I really don’t like my life right now. I’m not suicidal or anything but the things in the past few weeks, haven’t done anything but fill my head with things I don’t need. Some say I shouldn’t even complain, I have everything. I don’t.

I’ve been listening to everyone. Trying to help them, entertain them, please them, anything to know they are happy. I get nothing in return. Yes I remember that I am alive and life is a gift but I was told when I was younger, “Give people happiness, and you will someday receive it back.”

I haven’t received happiness from anyone except one person. But that one person is no longer giving me happiness, I am the one giving her a constant supply of happiness that doesn’t get used.

I am a bitch.
I am a pussy.
I am a girly guy.
I am a soft guy.
I am all these things for talking about my feelings. Sorry.

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